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October 13, 2006

Welcome Reader from Hawaii

Google Analytics is a fantastic resource that lets you collect relatively deep stats for any of your sites.  Google walks you through the process, gives you the 2 lines of javascript that you need to paste into your site, and then verifies that it's working.  In about a day, stats start coming in tracking just about everything you might be interested in.  The best visual is probably the Geo Map Overlay, showing where your visitors are coming from:

I set it up for this blog yesterday, the stats are just starting to come in, and if everyone could give a warm welcome to our new reader from Hawaii (that little spec out in the Pacific), that would be great.

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Since I linked to you yesterday re. Vista Server Core, allow me to extend my warmest aloha from the 50th state...

Posted by: Larry | Oct 13, 2006 3:30:16 PM

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