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October 10, 2006

Vista Server Core - A Vista SKU with no GUI

UNIX enthusiasts have been pointing out for quite some time that you shouldn't need a GUI and Windows Media Player for a file and print server, DNS server, or other OS that's basically providing network services.  Bowing to this pressure, Microsoft will release a version of Vista that's command-line only.  The install footprint is much smaller, and it's expected to need a lot less patching, and be more secure, simply because it has a less surface area to worry about.

The Server Core version supports the following roles: file server, domain controller, DNS server, or DHCP server.  Conspicuously absent is Web server, but one would have to imaging that a Web server role is on the radar.

Also, note to developers, the first version of Server Core will not support the .NET Framework.  The Server Core folks state that they need the Framework people to modularize the Framework so that just the essentials can be installed (no need for a Windows Forms package).  I'm guessing that rules out another role: Database Server (unless you want to run MySQL).

Hey, I bet you could make it a Web server by installing Apache on the thing!  Wait a minute.  Vista + Apache + MySQL + PHP = the VAMP stack?

More details here.

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