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October 20, 2006

Despite the Hype, Vista Will Follow .NET Path

It won't be long (one would hope) before Windows Vista ships, and when it does, expect MSDN to turn the Vista volume up to 11.  But despite Vista courting developers, developers, developers, is Vista really a bandwagon you should jump on?

In this week's newsletter I opine that with 6 years of .NET Framework hindsight, it's pretty easy to see exactly what Vista will really mean for developers.

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to leverage Vista-only features in your applications. Hmm. What Would Microsoft Do?

How about Office 12 (restart manager, new common file dialog) or IE7 (glass)? Taking advantage of Vista-only features doesn't imply restricting your application to Vista (simply that you enhance it further on Vista)... but I am sure you knew that already ;-)

Posted by: Daniel Moth | Oct 30, 2006 6:43:55 PM

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