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July 19, 2006

Java gains in popularity?

I just read a bit of news headlined "Java Programming Language Gains in Popularity".  If popularity equals "searched for" then the headline is accurate.  This begs a number of questions.  First, what does the fact that a given term is searched for indicate?  Popularity is certainly a facet, but so is complexity (you search because you're trying to figure something out).  The trend line is even more interesting.  The C language has barely moved in the last 5 years.  Has the popularity of C really remained unchanged over that time?  Also, what to make of C#'s dismal ranking?  Is it really not popular (searched for), or is it actually searched for every time someone queries for "remoting" or many other .NET terms, which remain off this radar?  C++ has taken a hit over time, as my intuition and anecdotal evidence suggests.  PHP seems to have spasmed the most. 

Somehow, this data feels meaningless/randomish, but I bet it gets linked to a lot, which is probably the real goal.  See for yourself, as I fall in line.

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Alternate headline: "Java developers more perplexed as ever, still doing the most searches."

What a stupid headline for that data. In fact, what a stupid thing to publish.

Posted by: Dan Ciruli | Jul 25, 2006 12:37:20 PM

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