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February 14, 2006

Let your people blog (for fun and profit)

A new study sheds some light on why big companies should let their people blog. Some excerpts:

...traditional corporate messaging is less interesting and less relevant to online publics because traditional corporate marketers show little care for the people who make up the markets. Rather, corporate voices sound more like profit-driven machinery than real people engaged in two-way conversations.

Among the most important findings of this study are that 1) blogs were perceived as more conversational than organizational Web sites, and 2) this conversational human voice correlated positively with other previously-identified relationship outcomes.

As Searls and Weinberger expounded "… the best of the people in PR are not PR Types at all… they're the company's best conversationalists" (2001, p. 90). This is quite a conundrum for the practice and theory of public relations.

The last quote is especially interesting. I remember Scoble commenting that he couldn't help but think that he was hired, in part, for his blogging popularity. Will company PR folks recruit top bloggars, and then channel them into being "evangelists"?

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