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November 30, 2004

Visual Studio Team System: What's an Admin to do?

So here's basically what a VSTS install looks like:


The clients have Visual Studio 2005. The App Server has a bunch of stuff, including ADAM, IIS, Sharepoint, etc. The back-end is a SQL 2005 with a number of databases that support Team Foundation Server. All this runs inside of a domain (so I'm guessing if you're a dev working from home, you would have to RAS in to connect to your foundation server).

One question:  How do you "backup" Team System?  I know this is really early, and the VSTS functionality isn't nearly baked yet, but I'm very curious what's being planned for administrator tools to manage all of this.  Also, what's being planned to train administrators to keep all this up and running?

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I'm the program manager responsible for team foundation administration. Thanks for your interest in this topic. You've covered a lot of ground in a short post :-).

Our goal is to make TFS administration as easy as possible, which as you've noted, is challenging due to the number of component parts.

Backup and Restore
Briefly, our backup strategy is to have all persistent data be co-located on the data-tier. Backup will be via a combination of SQL Backup and NT Backup. We are considering moving all TFS data into SQL to make backup more straight forward and to allow more advanced backup and high-availability strategies.

Single Server
In addition, I'll also mention we will support a single server deployment which can use workgroups instead of a domain controller. This will support smaller teams as well as evaluation/pilot projects.

Remote Access
A developer working from home will typically RAS or VPN into their team foundation server. All traffic from client to server is SOAP/HTTP(S). We will also support basic authentication from Win2k3, WinXP clients for scenarios such as a consultant using a client machine trying to access the consultants TFS.

What More Info?
I'll be posting more details on our V1 plan of record to http://blogs.msdn.com/brianwh in the next couple of weeks.

Posted by: Brian White | Nov 30, 2004 12:26:13 PM

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